3 wire LCD interface

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I searched for a way to save more MCU pins while connecting to LCD

I found some solutions talking about 3 wire LCD interfacing,
All of them use the 4 bit transfer mode & I wondered why ?! especially that the MCU pin count remains the same, so why the rippling overhead ? !!.
Also they use 74HC164 shift reg. while 74HC595 is in the same price & offers latching too..

So I modified some of these works to get a better solution..

1- I talked serially with the LCD via 74HC595 using 3 MCU pins.
2- I used 8 bit mode to reduce the overhead.

Every thing is archived in the included zip..

After extracting you will find 2 folders
1- LCD lib:
Contains the h & c files that you can drop to your project, also it contains the schematic of use.
2- LCD demo:
Contains an AVRStudio demo project, check MainInc.h to see how to configure your LCD pins according your layout, also this folder contains a Proteus DSN file that simulate the demo project.

Any comments or questions are welcomed
Portia CyberLogic