XMEGA USB communication with Imagecraft - tips, libraries or sample code

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Hi guys,


I am using Imagecraft (Jumpstarter 8) wtih XMEGA 256 A3U and I need to get some USB communication working - all I need is simple byte transfer (from to any terminal program) - I think CDC will be the easiest way. Openning the port from the terminal, one byte send and one received means that the job is done.

I actually got it working, but with Atmel Studio. I thought I will be able to port the code to my Imagecraft Project, but it seems nearly impossible - over 70 files (both project, libraries and compier specific) and a lot of conflicts arising.

I checked out LUFA, it seems to be developed for WinAvr gcc  - I didn't spent much time on it, but there are also some conflicts so far. Maybe it will be easier to port, though.


I can migrate my code to Atmel Studio (I almost did it previously when I had to port a LCD, but things there are less complicated and there are some good universal libraries), but I'd rather stay on Imagecraft - I really prefer its environment.

The ASF code is too universal to be optimised or readable, additionally the studio not being smart enough to gray out the pre-processor segments, which will not be compiled. (But lets not go to deep into that discussion :)


I will appreciate any general opinion/adviceses for dealing with this problem, suggested libraries or any sample projects/codes, which might be useful!


Thanks in advance,