XMEGA stack pointer manipulation goes wrong.

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Hi folks,

I'm using an XMEGA32A4 and the "new" avr-toolchain- from ATMEL.

In my (prevoiusly good working) program i switch the stack pointer using

SP = MyOS.Stacks[MyOS.CurrTask];

And what does the compiler ??

+00000959:   BF8D        OUT       0x3D,R24       Out to I/O location
+0000095A:   BF9D        OUT       0x3D,R25       Out to I/O location

This is two times the same address of SP-low.

I just wanted to share... mayby ATMEL reads this.
Anyway, I will stay with WINAVR20100110 and wait for the new one.

Kind regards, Fabian