Xmega hard SPIx not working properly [Bas] Xmega32a4

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Hi. So there is that code from H. Kipnik, for ST7735 128x160 color LCD with SPI. It works normal but slow on soft SPI, even on 60Mhz. But when i changed for Hard SPID/C it doesn't work. It seems sending stuff, cause its look like its blinking slightly. I have no oscilloscope to check if it realy does...

The same with nokia 3310 lcd, no hard spi working for LCD. No mather what SPIx and settings.

But hard spi did work for lcd 320x240 with spi ILI9341 LCD, but it was xmega 128a3,  this case is on xmega32a4.

SPID is working for microSD card without problems, i had some problem with 1GB card, but 2GB is working.

Whats wrong with that hardware SPI?? Also is there any way to make spi soft faster?



I attached another LCD 3310 to port c, to this board on soft spi and i put on lcd registers, i see that SPID is configured properly according to datenblat, but SPID_STATUS look, wierd,

its toggleing 8 bits all to 0 or 1 (32Mzh spi clk/8), no different states! Just 1 and 0, no mather speed! But if i put    Bitwait Spid_status.7 , Set , after Print, it not working at all, like frozen.



Last Edited: Fri. Oct 31, 2014 - 05:10 PM