WINC1500 "winc-cloner" extracts and uploads WINC firmware

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To date, the only supported avenue for updating the Microchip WINC1500 has been to use OTAP or to run a dedicated Micrchip Studio / ASF4 app on a SAMD21 app with a large suite of batch scripts on a PC - neither of which is particularly easy.
TL;DR: I created a winc-cloner app based on MPLAB.X / Harmony 3, downloadable from the winc-cloner github repository.  It runs on a SAME54 Xplained Pro board with WINC1500 XPRO and IO1 XPRO extension boards. Full instructions are in the file.
winc-cloner can:

  • Extract the firmware from the WINC1500 and save it to a file.
  • Update the WINC1500 firmware from a previously saved file.
  • Compare the WINC1500 firmware with a saved file and flag any differences.
  • [Advanced]: Rebuild the PLL tables for the WINC1500 (e.g. if the gain tables have been modified).

Other notes:

  • The repository includes a selection of WINC firmware images, currently for v19.5.4 and v19.7.7.
  • If there's demand, it would be trivial to port this to a SAMD21 Xplained Pro board or others as needed.

I hope this might help someone.  Let me know of any comments or questions.
- rdp


- rdp