WINC1500-MR210PB power up problem

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Dear Atmel Corporation Ltd. (Microchip Technology Inc.)!

We recently bought an ATWINC1500-MR210PB Wifi IoT module. I have
soldered wires to the following pins: 1, 4, 14, 19, 20, 22, 23, 26,
and GND. I tried to start the module as described in the datasheet
(Power raises up to 3.3V in order of VBAT, VDDIO, CHIP_EN, RESETN),
then I tried to start AT Command firmware and send AT commands to the
module via GPIO4 and GPIO6 pins but it didn't respond. After that I
started flash downloader tool to flash the module's program memory
with new firmware image through UART interface but the downloader
stopped with error message 'Invalid chip id'.

Is it possible that the power up sequence I'm trying is the problem?
How can I start this module correcly?

Thank you for all your help!

Yours sincerely,

Zsolt Ádám Kállai
Rookie at Electrical Engineering

Puli Space Technologies Ltd. |
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Zsolt Ádám Kállai
Rookie at Electrical Engineering

Puli Space Technologies Ltd. |
Offices: H-1056 Budapest, Irányi u. 3.
Seat: H-1161 Budapest, Csömöri út 161.

This document may contain proprietary information, intellectual property, trade names, and logos which may be confidential to Puli Space Technologies Ltd (PST). Dissemination for any purpose of any part of the data contained herein without specific prior written authorization from PST is hereby prohibited.