WINC1500 Example project not working correctly after FW update

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Hey guys, 

I'm got here an SAMD xPlained Pro Board for an Atmel SAMD21 MCU and the WINC1500 Extension Board.

After the first Example-Project didn't work because of a Firmware Mismatch I successfully updated the WINC1500 Extension Boards to the newest Firmware (19.5.2) using an another Example Project.

After the WINC1500 Firmware Update, it didn't work so I Updated the ASF Version to 3.34.2

Now I loaded the Example Project to read out the chip information into the MCU. But all I see in Terminal Session is:

-- WINC1500 chip information example --


-- Compiled: Jun  8 2017 22:20:52 --

(APP) (INFO)Chip ID 1502b1

(APP) (INFO)DriverVerInfo: 0x13521352

But I can see in the Code, the MCU should give me much more Information about the chip. Other Examples show the same output.

Have someone made the same experience and can help??


Kind regards,