Wierd display of signed types in Atmel Studio debug on SAMC21 xPlained Pro

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I am debugging a test application used for teaching variable types and how processors/compilers handle them that I used to have running on a ATmega2560 (both on chip and simulated) compiled with CodeVisionAVR and now have ported it to gcc in Atmel Studio.


I get what I think is strange behavior when debugging.  I have attached a screen shot.  Basically I have a signed type and when I have the hex display of watched variables on if the hex pattern would represent a negative number it changes the radix it displays back to base 10.  i.e. in the attached example 5 - 0x05, -4 = 0xFC.  I want to see the hex radix for both positive AND negative values


Is there a way to force it to display negative integer types as hex radix and turn off this behavior?


Last Edited: Tue. Jul 12, 2016 - 08:10 PM