Why no bug list?

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The issue of Studio 4 being a beta release and whether or not it's ready to be used is a hot topic on this forum.

I would like to know why there is no publically accessible bug list. We are being asked to help debug the product: a list of the known issues and workarounds would be beneficial to all.

I'm writing this because I've just reported 3 bugs to Atmel. I received a response that basically said "hopefully these will be fixed by the next release that's out soon". I would like to see more condifuration control with an exact statement that yes issue X is recognised as a bug and whether or not it is addressed in issue 4.0Y rather than a vague statement that it might get fixed. That approach is likely to lead to bug reports being lost or forgotten.

I might add that when I've reported bugs in the studio 3.x product, the development team has acknowledged the presence of a bug but has not added it to the known bug list.

If Atmel gave more encouragement and gave us confidence that bug reports will be treated seriously, surely they would get more people formally reporting problems? Surely that would be better for us all including Atmel?

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