Which UC3? Does the FPU make a big difference?

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Hi All...

I'm in the early stages of a project and I am looking at the AT32 UC3 C2 series processors, mostly because they have the FPU. Alternatively, the A0/A1 series might be a good choice.

The application in mind will collect data from another device, do some processing and run a web server to publish it on enet, wifi, bluetooth and possibly at least one other wireless standard. To collect the data it needs TWI/I2C, and to send it requires several UARTs. CAN is also ideal.

The thing is, the processing uses a lot of trig, with calls to sin(), cos() and atan2(). From reading Atmel's propaganda, it seems the A0/A1 process more efficiently, but the C2 has that FPU.

Any comments about the better trade off?


I suppose I could use ARM as well, but I have not even looked into that yet. I know nothing about ARM, except that I could run Linux on it...

The UC3 supposedly has a lot of code libraries available...