What are the best practices for WDT and BOD in low power mode?

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I have a low power project with a SAML21 powered by 2 AA cells. The mcu wakes up every 2 seconds to measure, and in case of a change of state, transmit data to my server. The RTC is configured to run with the ULP 32K oscillator. My questions are, 

1- What are the best practices to use the brown out detector and watchdog in low power applications? 

2- should I disable the watchdog and BOD in the "sleep" function and enable them again in the "wake" function? 

actually my code looks like this


void main (void)


configure rtc in 2000ms with callbacks;

configure wdt with WDT_PERIOD_16384CLK, always on false, enable true.



kick wdt;

measure, compare, transmit if necessary;

sleep; (set performance level 0, disable xosc32k, set sleep mode standby)



With this code, I have some erratic watchdog resets.