The Visual Studio component cache is out of date

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I seem to be seeing this a lot lately:

09:59:46: [ERROR] Failed to create project 'ADC_EXAMPLE61'. The Visual Studio component cache is out of date. Please restart Visual Studio.

It occurs when I attempt to create a new example project for a device I haven't used recently.  I'm guessing this is one I have not used since the last ASF and/or VS update.


Given the time it takes VS to launch, isn't a restart a little harsh?  Can this not be done behind the scenes by (re-) initializing some chunk of code?  Or perhaps resyncing the component cache for all devices whenever a new version of whatever causes this is updated?  What's a few more minutes added to what is already a lengthy install?


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Last Edited: Mon. Mar 14, 2016 - 05:27 PM