Using ASF examples as a basis for custom projects.

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There is some suggestion that you can use ASF examples as a basis for custom projects.  I have seen one video suggesting that by importing an ASF example into the custom project and with 2 or 3 copy/pastes and similar number of tweaks it is complete and working.  Would that it were that easy!  I found Studio crashed promptly which it has never done before.


Although I have used ASF quick starts for custom projects on custom SAMD20/21 boards quite successfully, I am struggling now trying to use the SD/MMC examples from ASF.  ASF seems to depend on much re-configuring and it takes some following.


I realize that I am missing some quite basic information: a when Studio 7 compiles, is there a particular direction it goes "downwards" from the "src" to the "main" file or is that too simple?


b. I use Alt G a great deal to follow the functions through, but is there a better way to follow the logic through?


c. It turns out that ASF is not very helpful in explaining its methods, though, to do it justice they put plenty of comments.  Is there a tutorial which clarifies any of this?


d. The Xplained boards are intrinsic to ASF methods, but I want my projects on custom boards.  Is there anything helpful to take me further in converting from one to the other?


Thanks for any help on this.