USBHost (UHD): cannot write to bulk EP

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Greetings to All,


I am working on a projet involved the USBHost ASF library, on an arduino due (SAM3X8 mcu) board. I cannot manage to write to the bulk endpoint of my USB device, despite I can perfectly get emumeration and interfaces specs.

Here is the code I am using to write on this bulk interface:

 >address = 1;

        usb_ep_desc_t desc;

        desc.bEndpointAddress = 0x81;

        desc.bDescriptorType = 5;

        uhd_ep_alloc(1, &desc);

        printf("Push device info: address %i, display_in_ep 0X%X \n",>address, uhi_vendor_dev.ep_display_in);


        printf("Sending display header : %i\n", uhi_vendor_bulk_out_run(headerPkt, sizeof(headerPkt), NULL));


        printf("Sending display buffer: %i\n", uhi_vendor_bulk_out_run(displayBuffer, DATA_SZ, NULL));



        printf("Sending display header: %i\n", uhd_ep_run(>address,

                    uhi_vendor_dev.ep_display_in, false, headerPkt, sizeof(headerPkt),

                    1000, NULL));


         printf("Sending display buffer: %i\n",uhd_ep_run(>address,

                    uhi_vendor_dev.ep_display_in, false, displayBuffer, DATA_SZ,

                    1000, NULL));




As you can see, I am trying both the uhi_vendor_bulk_out_run and the uhd_ep_run functions (actually, from the source code, this former one is just calling the later function): both calls return 0 (failure).


Could someone point out to the right direction?


Thanks and regards,


Last Edited: Tue. Jan 30, 2018 - 04:32 AM