USBasp WCID compliant

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  FYI, just finished making the USBasp firmware WCID compliant. The hard work was done by Marius Greuel.  I changed his code as to not alter V-USB at all.


  In essence, you can use V-USB trunk to make a WCID compliant USB device . Just add the  usbDescriptorDevice, OS_EXTENDED_COMPAT_IDa and  OS_STRING_DESCRIPTOR the usbFunctionDescriptor function and in usbFunctionSetup handle the OS feature request  as in the source code.


  In usbconfig.h change the #define USB_CFG_DESCR_PROPS_DEVICE from 0 to USB_PROP_LENGTH(18) and #define USB_CFG_DESCR_PROPS_UNKNOWN from 0 to (USB_PROP_IS_DYNAMIC) .


The repo is .



Dimitrios Chr. Ioannidis