USBASP PDI / Avrdude - Support test

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I have been toying a bit with this software , but haven't implemented it in hardware. As i only have old xmega 128a1's , that have a broken flash interface. ... p-avrdude/ 

and ... r-050.html 

Some people says it works , but have problems with the old xmega128a1 (due to a broken flash interface, see errata for chip) 

xM128 prob ... 3388132161 

I have attached a patched avrdude (svn rev 1333) 
avrdude - Revision 1333: / 

And a patched avrdude firmwaresource with the pdipatches from the above site , and i have corrected all PROGMEM to const PROGMEM , in order to compile it with avr-gcc 4.91. 

Maybe someone here would like to give it a go. 

One might want to look at the avrdude.conf file in the binary here : ... 
, i think it contains some xmega definitions. And i have no idea if they are in the current avrdude trunk. 

Have fun 



Last Edited: Fri. Sep 26, 2014 - 11:56 AM