USB Programming on Custom Board with UC3A1512 CPU

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I have developed a new board using the AT32UC3A1512 CPU.

The board has both a USB connector and a JTAG programming connector. I do have a JTAGICE-MKII programmer, but I would prefer to program through the USB port (especially since I have yet to get Studio to work with the JTAGICE, but that's another topic).

I'm using the latest version of AVR32 Studio (V2.0.2). I created a new Target to program my board with the following settings:

Adapter: EVK1100
Board: EVK1100
MCU: UC3A0512

This actually works, even though the MCU setting is wrong.

If I change Board to "Any board" and MCU to UC3A1512, then the target right-click menu no longer contains any action items (like Program, etc.).

How do I convince Studio that I have a UC3A1512 MCU? Although the programming appears to be working at the moment, I don't know what trouble I'm going to get into with the mismatched MCU setting.

Thanks for any help.


Bert Menkveld