USB interface in SAME70-Xplained Board

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Hey all,

I'm using SAME70-Xplained board for USB enumeration. When I program the board with Example project "USB CDC Device Mode", the board enumerates in CDC mode and LED D301 on port PC8 start blinking. 

Similar is with the case of "USB CDC-MSC Composite Device" Mode. The board enumerates in both CDC and MSC mode with LED blinking. Now I changed all the descriptors of CDC-MSC class to make it functional as CDC only. Device descriptors are checked at USBlyser and TDD.exe. Both shows that Descriptors have become identical to CDC mode. Board enumerates in CDC mode only and appear as a serial port. I'm able to send and receive data on this serial port. However, Now the LED D301 is not blinking. Is there anything I missed in the procedure?


Anyone , if can help !!

Thanks & Regards


Last Edited: Wed. Jun 5, 2019 - 09:20 AM