Unknown identifier in Watch for local variables

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I am trying to debug an ATSAM3X8E with the Atmel ICE and Atmel Studio. In the watch window it shows nothing but the value "unknown identifier" for variables with local scope (as in a function). I already disabled optimization and tried to declare the variables as volatile. Nothing works up to now. Additionally, the Locals window doesn't show any variables, no matter if I set a breakpoint right within a function with local variables.


I have no idea how to fix this and would really appreciate it if somebody could help me out.


This is basically the arduino code which I am trying to debug with breakpoints set within the loop function. I have access to the local variables a and b but the debugger cant read any of the local variables.


void loop() {
    int z = 5;
    double k = 30.0;
    volatile int y = 3;
    static int x = 1;




Thank you very much