unable to read back GPNVM bits

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Dear all,


for setting up the TCR feature I need to read back the GPNVM bits 7&8. I use the code that is posted serveral times here:


uint32_t ulEEFC_bits;
  while (!(EFC->EEFC_FSR & EEFC_FSR_FRDY));
ulEEFC_bits = EFC->EEFC_FRR;


In the debugger I can see  that after the while() loop the expected value is in EFC_EEFC->FRR. However, reading that value into the variable ulEEFC_bits gives me always 0x00 back. Also after reading that the register the value of the register goes to 0x00. I assume that is correct because the reference manual says that with each read the next 32Bit of the result of the EFC command is given.

Any idea why I cannot copy the content of the register into a variable?


Best Regards