Unable to Dump code in Controller using Atmel ICE Debugger

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Hello All,


I have custom PCB with ATSAME54P20A microcontroller chip. I am trying to dump the code using ATMEL ICE Debugger in to the controller but facing the issue. 


I got the error message as "Failed to launch program. Error: Could not activate interface but found DAP with ID 0x2ba01477." 


The Atmel ICE debugger is using SWD interface with default clock as 2 MHz. 


I have tried following methods discussed already in the forum over here but with no success:- 




Also, I am getting "Verify Failed error" when clicking the verify button under "Memories" tab  under Device Programming option in Atmel Studio 7 Tools option.


The error is exactly as mentioned in the below link:- 







Also, tried programming fuses under fuses menu but it is showing error when we click verify button as "One or more registers differs". 


Do I need to change any fuses value or is it OK not to change it, that's the main question ?? 


Please, help me with this issue. 


Thanks in advance.