ULX3S opensource FPGA board

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member of my makerspace designed ULX3S opensource FPGA boards
you can check board here, it is open from start...




Our board is used is already used on our university in Zagreb for learning digital logic!


There is already lots of material for this board, and lots of samples you can tryout!







Recently we had two day workshop in our maker space, so there is great material for start using our board (or any other board) with open source toolchain!




There is lots of other samples we have already done, and lot of samples we want to try!

Only problem with this board is that is still not widely available.

But we are working on that issue.
We have ordered 100 bare PCB (that is minimum order if you want good price) of new design and next week we will confirm design.

After that we will produce third batch of this board (100 pcs. 85F boards with 64Mb of SDRAM).

Recently we submitted our board to Hackaday Prize so your like can help us to make this board more available and more affordable!!!

To like project you need to sign in to hackaday.io and click like on our project...




We are already in top 5 projects, but it would really nice to stay there :)

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From your webpage:


If you are just starting with FPGA, you can also use the ULX3S as powerful Arduino and program it using Arduino IDE in seconds.


Care to share how the board is Arduino Compatible, and which Arduino Board it emulates?  Thats certainly a nice attraction.



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As for arduino support we have our own core designed in Zagreb university it is f32c.








Among our board we are supporting lots of other boards.

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