uip@atmega32 : Firefox/IE too fast ?

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I have been working with the ENC28j60 chip for about a year now, and have had a working web server running off the code from Ulrich Radig, however the client code was not that stable, so I switched to uip recently.

Sofar I have gotten client code working perfect, every minute the board connects to a webserver outside of its subnet and sends some sensor data :)

Now... onto the web server part, I made a simple webserver, and it works ... well in lynx, wget, and Rex Swains HTTP viewer.

But when accessed by Firefox or Internet explorer, the chip never gets the GET request, only the connection.

I have captured both the wget(for windows) and firefox attempt, but I cant really see why it fails, just that theres a few retransmissions in the Firefox version, and the chip never answers...
(I dont get the retransmissions either, just Connected, a lot of polls at ½second intervals and eventually an connection closed).

I would love to post the code, but the forum software is being a bit picky, so for now its avaliable on pastebin.

Anyone out there with some bright ideas ?
I have more code if wanted (web client and the uip stack, but I didnt modify that myself)

Click here for full size image