uIP version 1 (TCP/IP) compile problems

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Hi all

I am have trouble getting the make process to see all the files required for the compile.

uIP-1.0 comes with files and applications in different directories including some makefiles within each directory. As there are a great number of files, I would like to maintain the directories and not combine everything. The problem is, when I do the compile, the dhcpc.c file in an apps directory which has a file included from another directory .. the compiler then falls over and reports …

../apps/dhcpc/dhcpc.h:38:17: error: uip.h: No such file or directory in file included from ../apps/dhcpc/dhcpc.c:39:

Now the uip.h does exists in the uip directory. The supplies uIP comes with make.include files that appear to work to some extent, but after a couple of days on this issue, I am about to just give up. I suspect I need some directory directives in the include file, which I am not familiar with. PS – there must be something that works as opposed to changing the include directives from “” to <> . Apart from that mentioned above, there are lots of other files with same problem.

So a couple of questions. Has anybody got the uIP version 1.0 working on an AVR using WinAVR? I an not interesting in the uIP-avr 0.6 version which is reported to be buggy. I am aware of a Wlan project using uIP, but that also fails to compile.

PS: I am using Windows XP