UC3C: AST not properly initialized?

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I'm running AST_EXAMPLE21 on evaluation Board UC3C-EK, using:
AVR Studio 5.1 with
ASF version. 2.11.1
evaluation Board: US3C-EK
flashing and debugging with AVRONE.

It looks there is a problem with the Asynchronous Timer (AST). After power up the flags BUSY and CLKBSY in the Status Register (SR) are mostly set.

In some situations BUSY+READY and/or CLKBUSY+CLKRDY are set after power up.

And at least this flags are cleared sometimes after power up and the example will then run properly.

If one of the flags CLKBSY or BUSY is set after booting,
the program will hang up in the file "ast.c" routine "ast_init_counter()" at:
while (ast_is_clkbusy(ast));
or a bit later at:
while (ast_is_busy(ast));

(Pushing the reset button won't help :? )

Does anyone around here have similar experiences?

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After changing



opt.startup = AVR32_SCIF_OSCCTRL32_STARTUP_128_RCOSC;

in file "ast_example2.c" at line 211 the initialization of the AST is always correct after rebooting.

But isn't it curious, after undoing this change, the initialization of the AST keeps to be correct :shock:

Anyway the AST_EXAMPLE21 is running now properly.
Thanks to Atmels support Norway :!: