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I'm looking for AT32UC3B1256 dont seem to see any AT32UC parts on digikey. Can i get samples from somewhere? When will they be in channel?

Got a design I want to send for fab, pretty nice part from looking at the design.

Few other U32B questions:

1. Footprint details - The manuals dont give me any nice mechanical drawings of the package, I really want to make sure the footprint is right.

2. Orcad symbols - Looks like only one "package" in in the orcad library, any more coming?

3. Any errata I need to worry about?

4. Is the "reset" without anything external reliable?

5. Any comments on how to do "audio" output from the part? Thinking of playing "voice" samples for "prompts". Seen it done with 8bit avr? (LCD's are
expensive. Trying to do a project for under 99$ (US)
and a speaker is so much more "inexpensive" than a lcd. Thinking I could do a "resistor" network D/A
and should have enough to clock out a 48Khz or better sample. (Stored via SD card of course)

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For samples, you can get here:

I think Digikey would get the samples soon as the public release of the B series was end June.

1. For package description, see the link Pb-Free Packages on the page:
There is also the mechanical section in the datasheet, but if you are looking for specific info, you can always mail avr32 @ atmel dot com.

2. The Orcad library seems to come from the EVK1101 that could explain why there is only the B0 part.

3. see the errata section in the datasheet.

4. Yes it is - I think it is internally clocked to prevent any glitch on this pin to reset the part :-)

5. Cheap solution: use 2 PWM channels and a few resistors (see page 7 of EVK1101 schematics).
You can also have an external DAC connected to SSC module (using I2S output).