u-boot and interrupts

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I would need some help concerning u-boot and interrupts.

I have written a standalone C++ application that uses SPI interrupts. The application is developed in the IAR AVR32 environment.
After uploading the code using the jtagice mkII, the application runs perfectly.

Since I need to have a remote software update possibility, I decided to use u-boot for this purpose.

I have modified the IAR linker script so that it respects the u-boot memory requirements.
After flashing the application, it is launched with
"go 0x20000".
The application starts up normally - but the SPI interrupts are not coming through.

Does anybody have an idea about how this can happen?
The EVBA register is automatically set in the C-startup code to EVTAB. I have nothing changed in the source code.

I have attached the xcl linker script.