Two ATSAM controllers can’t be damaged? Urgent

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Good evening everyone,

I am new one but I have some expierience already with ATSAM platform.
I have some problem acquiring the device ID. I am using Microchip Studio with a ver. 7.0.2542 ( newest ), ATMEL ICE debugger, and I trying to connect to ATSAM4CMP16C uC. Previously few months ago  I was able to do this without any problem. 
I got the 3,3V on the VDDBU, VDDIN , VDDIO pins with decoupling X7R capacitors, and got VDDCORE voltage in normal conditions, that means 1,2V on each pin that should have core voltage, of course GND pins are tied to the ground. I connect the debugger to the relevant pins SWDIO, SWCLK, TRACE SWO in correct order, as well VCC and GND pins ( I got as well connected the JTAG pins ). The same situation goes on the other device that I got the uC from same shipment ATSAM4CMP16C ver C. Maybe if someone encountered the same problem with maybe some other ATSAM device I would be glad for help, it's really urgent. When I for example disconnect one pin of the SWD communication I got error of different type, so my connection with the target is good - error 4109 no communication. Tried as well chip erase, FWUP to GND, nothing helps, I am considering these uC damaged, but two uC damaged is not normal for me, never happened to me. 
With best regards Marcin Otocki
The error I get is :

Could not activate interface, but found DAP with ID 0x2ba01477.

This usually indicates that the security bit is set. Please try to perform a chip erase to clear the security bit before accessing the device again.

Unable to enter programming mode. Verify device selection, interface settings, target power, security bit, and connections to the target device.