[TUT] [HARD] Easy steps to fix 0x940 error with JTAG ICE etc

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Hello all

One thing I have noticed concerning the programming of the Atmel Chips is the enormouse confusion factor thrown in, in regards to the multiple methods of programming and how to program :twisted:

Here is a keep it simple step by step method to eliminate the 0x940 error. :roll:

A: Download the Bootloader and the Butterfly Application Program from Atmel. They are two SEPERATE Files

B: Obtain a ISP programmer. A very good and inexpensive one is the ICE Cube found at www.ecrostech.com

C: Follow instructions on how to get the ICE Cube or equivalent operational.
If you get the ICE Cube the startup instructions that come with it worked perfectly for me.
I do not know about the other devices.

Once your device is operating as it should Do the following:

1: Disable/uncheck any box that states ' Erase before Programming'

1A: Manually Erase the Chip. On the JTAG ICE menu there is a button for this in the programming tab. No more erasing after this.

2: Brouse / Find then Program the Bootloader Hexfile First into the FLASH

3: DO NOT ERASE!!! Brouse / Find then Program the large butterfly Program Hexfile into the FLASH.
It will load this program 'on top' of the bootloader.

4: Check Fuse Bits:
JTAG interface enabled
Serial Programming downloading (SPI)enabled
Boot Flash section size = 1024
Boot reset vector enabled
Int RC-osc startup time 6 clk +65 ms

5: Check Lock Bits
All three sections = Mode 1.

Your set. The ButterFly is setup exactly as you received it 8)

Ken Munger