Trig functions and a retro video game re/de make on AVR

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Sorry for being slack in posting this one.  The Trig topic just made me remember it.


It's a game a wrote for the Uzebox 2ish years ago.


Its a de-make of the 64bit atari Jaguar game T2K that was itself a re-make of the 80's vector game Tempest.


Its 256x224 pixels out the NTSC encoder in 2 bits per pixel for the foreground and 1bit per pixel (blue) for the background that is read of SD card (any blue you see on the screen as pre-calced on the PC)


Obviously there is some magic going on there as the AtMega644 only has 4K of RAM and can't fit a 256x224x2bb and at 28Mhz it only has 5 clock cycles per pixel to work out the next colour to show.