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This is really for the freaks in the USA.


I just finished up a large access control project and have about 50 of the below pictured transformers that I have no practical purpose for.  Most of them are in their box, but there are some that the box was destroyed so they have a few scratches, but they are all new, never used.



120vac primary

16.5vac/40VA secondary

Green ON LED indicator

Fused one shot secondary output.


These are 'security' type transformers meaning they have a little tab on the top to allow you to secure them to the outlet to prevent them from being unplugged.


I want nothing for them ($0.00), but I would like the shipping costs.


I also have a lot of USB cables 6ft male A to male b as well.


PM me if you want any.




EDIT:I have an Ebay listing on them as well, so if they sell out there obviously there will be none available.


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