Template Export/Import Bugs

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I'm upgrading my templates from AS6.2 but AS7.0 doesn't seem to export or import the templates properly. 


1.  It does not include my libraries that I have set under the AVR/GNU Linker section of the Toolchain when I perform an export.  And even if I manually edit the template and add




to the .cppproj template file, it refuses to add "corenano" to the newly created project. 


2.  When I create a new project from my template it always adds a main.cpp file to project that doesn't exist in the template which I have to go in and delete. 


3.  It automagically adds the DEBUG or NDEBUG symbol to the Toolchain AVR/GNU C Complier and AVR/GNU C++ Complier when creating a new project so when you export a template, unless you manually delete this symbol, the symbol gets defined in the template.  Then when you create a new project based on this template the symbol ends up being defined twice.  This can be worked around by manually deleting the DEBUG/NDEBUG symbol before you export the template, but if it is going to add it automagically it should probably not be exported.