Studio 4 bug

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If Studio 4.n is really on its last legs then I'm not sure whether there's any point reporting this but anyway, I just happened to open my laptop, bring it out of hibernation and look at TaskManager this morning and noticed that it was showing a fault I see regularly with AVRStudio. As far as I know the fault is that if you are using Studio, hibernate Windows (Vista 32 in this case but this used to happen in XP too), then bring it back out of hibernation then it appears that a new AVRStudio task is created. Now I think it may be that it only happens if the simulator is being run when Windows hibernates and one guess is that when the simulator runs Studio some how spawns a second thread but after recovery from hibernation that thread somehow becomes orphaned.

Anyway the evidence is in the picture. If you look at my task bar you'll see that there's apparently no evidence of any copy of AVR Studio running in the foreground yet according to TaskManager there are six copies of the program running - those six have built up over a week or two as it's often the case that I close the laptop lid while Studio is still running. When I think on I close Studio before hibernation to avoid this waste of my PC's resources but I often forget.