Studio 3.51 available for download

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If anyone is interested the latest Studio is available for download on Atmels website. Here is the fix list.

What's new?
Version 3.51
Below is a short summary of new features and fixes for this release. Please also see the current list of known issues.

New features
Support of JTAG ICE, the new low cost high performance ICE for all AVR parts that has a JTAG interface. Parts currently supported are ATmega128 (former ATmega104) and ATmega323 (former ATmega32) and ATmega16(new). The support includes extensive on-line help.
Support for AVR ISP. The AVRISP from Atmel Corporation is a professional low cost In-System Programmer covering all AVR 8-bit RISC Micro Controllers. The programmer connects to a PC through a standard RS232 serial interface and draws the necessary power from the target board eliminating the need for an additional power supply. The support inculdes extensive on-line help.
New on-line help for ICE10 including all features in the newly upgraded firmware.
New on-line help for STK501.
Fixes in this release of AVR Studio
Fixes to the assembler:
The assembler only allowes for an even number of bytes allocated with the .db statement. If an odd number of bytes is allocated, an extra zero byte is added. Now a warning is given if a zero byte is added.
New device directives for the AVR Assembler. Please view the device directives section in the AVR Assembler book.
The EEP file is deleted after assembly if it is empty. Otherwise it remains.
Error when using addresses > 0x10000 together with the .org statement is corrected.
The assembler previously allowed the programmer to use autoincrement together with the Y register for ATtiny12. This is a non-supported operation, and now a warning is issued.