STK500 ISP Mode Error / MFC Application

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at first, I know that anywhere in the forum is a disscusion about that, but I'm from Germany and my English isn't that good that I can understand that discussions.


I bought the STK500 and I just wanted to flash a hex file to the atmega8515.
I'm using the AVR-Studio 4.19 on a WIN7 operating system.
(I think this isn't important, but I put the switches on PORTA and the led's on PORTB.)
Also I put the 6-pin wire from ISP6PIN to SPROG3.
The jumpers are just as I bought the STK500 and the atmega8515 L8PU1415 is in the socket SCKT3000D3.
I'm conntecting the STK500 trough RS232 CTRL (without the USB transformation).

If I want to flash the hex file, it occurs the message I add to the attachment.

What is need to do to solve the problem?


I want to programm a hex file from my apprenticeship, because I have a second problem.
If i click on 'build and run', it occurs the message 'AVRStudio MFC Application doesn't work anymore' and the search for a solution for that problem. So i can't compile my programms.


Yours sincerely




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When you Connect to the Programmer,   go to the [Main] tab.

Then select ATmega8515 as your target AVR.

Select < 200kHz for the ISP speed and [Write] it back to the STK500.


Always read the AVR Signature (in the [Main] tab) before using any of the other features of the Programming.


Make sure that all the jumpers on the STK500 look like the photos on the website or paper manual.

Or just look at the underneath of the STK500 board.


Bear in mind that if you are "student_123" there have probably been 122 other students that have used this STK500.


Welcome to the forum,   and just ask if you need more help.



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Thank you very much David.

Now it runs.


But I mentioned a second problem.


AVRStudio still collaps if I want to 'build and run' my program.

It says 'AVRStudio MFC Application doesn't work anymore.' The program doesn't execute right because of a problem. The programm is going to close and I will get a message, if a solution is found.


Yeah, maybe there are 122 other students, but first I tried just 'student', but of course, this exists already. So I took the inventive name student_123 to go sure that it doesn't exist.