STK500 and Labview

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Hi Guys,

How can I communicate between the STK500 and Labview?
I did read some stuff mentioning the USB to communicate between the AVR and Labview. Do I have to use LUFA?

I have a 30 day Labview evaluation license. Do I need the full Labview license and any DAQ boards to communicate with the STK500 or can I use only the STK500 with the AVR (Atmega328), a USB cable and my PC with Labview in it?

My idea is to use Labview to display some sensor data (e.g. temperature) which will be sensed through an STK500 and Atmega328 device.

I know I can use Visual basic, excel, etc. but I want to get my hands dirty with Labview.

Any help is appreciated.