STK 100 - Buttons dont work

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When I run some code to read the buttons ( TINY11!), the voltage on the pin does not drop to zero and is not read - this seems to be because the 8515 control processor ( for programming) is still outputting a logic 1, and is connected to the target cpu ports by a resistor.

If I am programming the device - I can set the unit to 'RUN' mode and it works properly, but when turned off an back on again - the control 8515 cpu is fighting for the port pins again.

Should the 8515 remember the mode?
Why doesn't it power up in 'RUN' mode

How can I get it to relinquish the bus when connected via a ICE 200.

The STK100 serial port doesnt work, and my 'local' PC can't connect to it using the parallel port either.

The schematic seems to imply that the 8515 device is of a different footprint anyway - just what DOES work on the STK100!!!!!

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