Stimuli and Logging "Analyser"

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1. I use Stimuli Generator from to create sti inputs. One issue is, the granularity. Say for example, I need to give port changes at 345, 598, 801 usec, it is very difficult in Stimuli Gen because the above time instants are not periodic. I have to set the granularity to one us, but you know it is really a painful process thereafter. Is there any other tool?

2. Is there any tool so that I can view port "logged" files? I want to analyze bit period of an UART character, can I do it 'visually' (just like a scope)? I presently made an spreadsheet to find the difference between two successive events, but wavefom would be simply great.

Any built in AVR studio tool or any plans to make such in near future ( AVR simulator 2 'preview' !)


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