Starting 4 Instances of AVRDude

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Hallo AVR Freaks


PC: Intel G3320 @3GHz 2GB Ram (2 Kerne) / Mainboard Gigabyte B85M D3H
OS: Windows 10 64 Bit
USB-Driver: libUSB with libWizard.exe generated .inf-File and installed
Programmer: DIAMAX AllAVR / The 4 programmers have the same vid/pid but differnt serial-nummers


Since a long time I'm playing with "Controller Programming in the production area". At the moment I'm using STK500.exe from AVR-Studio 4 as a "gang programmer" with 4 "programming slots."

This worked fine until the PC has changed from Windows 7 to Windows 10. After Windows10 has done an update, STK500 doesn't find the programmers. "Cant connect to ...".


MyProblem now


Now I'm trying to use AVRDude to build a new Gang-Prgramming-Station. The "Gang-Programmer" is controlled by a PC-Programm (or better 4 PC-Programms). The programms are starting a batchfile (*). To each Batchfile a explicite Intel-Hex-File is passed. After flashing the controller the batchfile creates an Errorfile that contains the result of the batch-Task. "ERRORLEVEL > Result.%Instance%.txt


NOW: When I'm starting a programming job after the job bevor has finished all 4 programmers working without any problem. So I see that every individual Programmer works for his own without errors.
BUT, when 'm starting the programm jobs "at the same time" (delayed by the time of klicking to the start buttons) mostly only two "programming-slots" are PASS. The others are FAIL. I get a veryfy-error after wrting the flash.
Sometime it happens that the communication beetween the PC and the programmers breaks complete. In that case I have them to disconnect and reconnect to USB.


Does anybody has a similar problem or knows somtthing about, why four instances of AVRDUDE are not working (under windows).


Thanks a lot
Regards Robert


* AVRDuder.bat.txt: The pause commands are only for debugging not for production-mode!




Last Edited: Tue. Mar 24, 2020 - 12:11 PM