Split from: AVRISP mkII - UPLOAD .elf-file FAIL

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Hi everybody, I have a problem with AS 7 and ATtiny1614. I have written my own bootloader and an application. I downloaded BL and APP into MCU. Both work well. Afterwards, I used AS to upload flash content into *.hex file (so I have app and bl in one hex file). I also uloaded remaining EEPROM and USER SIGNATURE. The final step was to create *.elf file and, in fact, it was created but with wrong eeprom (5KB instead 256B), user signature sizes (4KB instead 32B)... lockbits and fuses size are also wrong. Did anybody meet this problem? I do no know how to force AS to use correct values. Please, see the pic below.

Last Edited: Sun. Feb 11, 2018 - 05:22 PM