Source in trace with ICE50

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I posted this in the AVRStudio forum, but on reflection I'm not sure it's specifically an AVRStudio issue. Anyway.....

I have just acquired an ICE50 which, after a few initial problems, is generally working okay (but as a brief aside, if anyone out there is still running NT - as I am- and so cannot use USB, forget the ICE50; it's unusably slow with the serial connection).

BUT, I cannot get the source code to display in the trace window. I have tried AVRStudio 4.08 and 4.09, WinNT and Win2k, and UBROF6 and UBROF8 from the IAR compiler. I know that AVRStudio is understanding the UBROF files, becuase I can select points in the source windows, and run to them, or send variables from them to the watch window. But no matter what I do (and yes, I have tried toggling the source display on and off), the source will not appear in the trace. Which makes the trace pretty useless.

Has anybody had similar problems, and found a fix?