Simulator does not reset

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Hi All, I am using Studio 6.2, though the same problem occurs in 6.1, when running the simulator in Debug then stop and restart the Debug session it will not reset but returns to where it left off. Neither the stop or reset buttons will start the simulation from the begining. I have to exit Studio and start it again. Upon restarting I get an Assertion failed! from Visual C++ Runtime Library. Program atbackend.exe, file ttgraphics.cpp, line 5432, expression (this)->os_next != NULL

I only have one chance to run the simulator before having to exit and restart Studio. Simluation is on an ATtiny25.

I also found when using the STK500 to program, if I close the programming window and reopen it shows STK500 [Busy] COM1 and I cannot connect to the device.

I tried reloading Studio but the same thing happens.

Last Edited: Sat. May 2, 2015 - 12:37 AM