Semi-OT: Atmel has shipped 500 million AVRs

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While looking up an app note for a response, I came across the press release at

A couple of excerpts:

"The AVR is well supported with evaluation and debug tools supplied by Atmel or third party tool partners. In 2003 Atmel became the industry's largest supplier of 8- bit development tools shipping 43,000 development systems to customers. "

See, Studio4 >>must<< be solid. :)

"Atmel plans to introduce two new parts per month in 2004 covering a range of application specific areas such as USB, Wireless remote control and security. "

"Introduce" (in my experience with Tiny2313, Mega48, Mega88, Mega168) may >>not<< include availability of parts to the teeming masses. :wink:


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