Seeking help with mysterious AVR Studio problem.

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Hello AVR Studio users,

We have had a few reports from users having the following problem:

After a successful install of AVR Studio 4.11 (with or without service packs), it will not start up correctly. The symptoms are:

    * In the "Create new projects" wizard, the "Project Type" list is empty. * The Plugin Manager displays no plugins
    * The programming toolbar is missing (because stk500 plugin doen't load)
    * In most cases, the message window shows "Error creating compiler"
The attached screenshot was sent to us from a user. We are totally unable to reproduce this problem.

If anyone has experienced this problem and have any information to share, we would appreciate to hear from you (in this forum or by e-mail to avrbeta atmel com.)

Thanks in advance,
Roland Kruse
Atmel AVR Tools