ScanaQuad Logic Analyzers are out!

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Our team have been working for more than a year on building ScanaQuad Logic Analyzers and Signal Generators, and i am very happy to announce that we're finally there. Prototypes have been fully tested, devices have passed CE/FCC certifications, and mass production is in progress! ScanaQuad replaces the old Scanalogic-2 that was developed with your help 5 years ago!



ScanaQuad series are quite special for many reasons:

  • 4 channels is enough for 99% of serial protocols, and keeps price low.
  • Ability to generate any kind of logic signals (adjustable level)
  • Ability to generate open drain signals (perfect to interface to I2C or 1-Wire). High-end ScanaQuad devices have integrated optional pull-up resistors.
  • Mixed mode allows you to generate on 1, 2 or 3 channels while capturing response on other channels. 
  • ScanaQuad can trigger on serial protocols (like a UART byte or I2C address)


But above all, we have designed a software we're really proud off. You can see some glimpses of it in the presentation video.


Today we are finally starting to accept pre-orders, pricing and features summary is below:



As a "thank you" for your trust and support, i created the coupon code "sq4freaks" that deduces 10% on your order.


You can check the full specs here, as well a short video clip:


If you have any questions, i'll be glad to answer!


Thanks a lot for your time,

Check our Logic analyzers:

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