[SAMV71 Xplained Ultra] ASF4 / ATMEL START MCAN example?

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I am contacting you in the hope to find a recent examples of (M)CAN bus for our board SAMV71 Xplained Ultra, based on the latest ASF4 framework (ATMEL START)


We started the development on that framework that seems recent, intuitive and efficient, unfortunately, we can't find a decent example of (M)CAN bus on that board (only for SAM-E54/C21, probably not useful from a compatibility point of view?)

Any code snippet that you could share or point me to would be usefull as we could only test and compile an old example from ASF3 (and/or SoftPack) but where the code and drivers hierarchy is too different in order to reuse it properly...


Thank you in advance for you help,