SAME70 Xplained, LwIP example

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I have SAME70 Xplained and wanted to open Atmel Start --> "LwIP example", but it shows dialog window with following message:



Device support for ATSAME70Q21B is obsolete

Use button "Change package" to change device


if the projectfile is of type atzip, unzip to the folder and locate the *.atstart file

Open the projectfile *.atstart using any text editor

Replace the occurences of ATSAME70Q21B with ATSAME70Q21A-AN

If the Board Identifier is SAME70Xplained, change to CustomBoard

If the projectfile is of type atzip, zip the folder and rename from zip to atzip

Close this session and restart with the modified project


so what I did:

1) clicked on button "Open Selected Example", and then on Dashboard found button "Change package", but all selectable items are ...E70B... none is E70A


2) clicked on button "Download Selected Example", saved archive LwIP Example.atzip to my drive, unzipped to some new folder, found file


and replaced all occurences of ATSAME70Q21B-AN (not ATSAME70Q21B without -AN !) with ATSAME70Q21A-AN,

after this modification zipped again to LwIP  and renamed to original LwIP Example.atzip


3) Atmel Start --> downloaded this new LwIP Example.atzip, but it still shows the warning..


What's wrong ?

I think I followed instructions, but device type hasn't changed.

I found there are also other files in the original .atzip that contain "ATSAME70Q21B":




- should I replace the device type from B to A also in all these files or only some of them ?


I also don't understand to instruction "If the Board Identifier is SAME70Xplained, change to CustomBoard";

- what is Board Identifier ?

text on PCB is "Atmel SAME70 Xplained",

in Device manager I can see "EDBG Virtual COM Port (COM14)",

in Atmel Studio 7 appears "SAM E70 Xplained"

- and where and how "change to CustomBoard" ?


I am actually unable to find what is difference between ATSAME70Q21B-AN and ATSAME70Q21A-AN,

on my board is ATSAME70Q21A-AN.

Is it really necessary to change the Device from B to A to make the example work ?


Please please help me..