SAME54 fuses changing by themselves

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I'm working on a custom SAME54 board, using Atmel Studio and ICE programmer.

Atmel Studio is V 7.0.1931

ICE has firmware version 1.27

On one of my boards everything seems to work fine.


However, on another board, I'm seeing a very strange thing. Using Atmel Studio's Tools, Device Programming:

 - On Memories page I do a chip erase

 - On Fuses page, I just keep doing reads and looking at the fuse registers

 - The output window says all lines are ...OK


But, values for SW0_WORD_0, TEMP_LOG_WORD_0 change once in a while.

Is this a sign of power problem? Or my SAME54 is broken?

My other board doesn't do this - the registers stay constant.


Any suggestions appreciated.