SAME53N to set Time Stamp Unit in GMAC

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Hi all,


I am using ATSAME53N20A and want to activate the time stamp unit in GMAC : TI, TN, TSL, TSH registers.
I set values to them by the following procedure:


1. Set TI zero. (to stop the timer)
2. Set TN, TSL, and TSH the current time.
3. Set TI the frequent value. (to start the timer)


But it sometimes fails to set them, especially it seems to fail for about 10 seconds after reset (power-on).  (They are all 0.)


So my question is how to set these registers.
a) Is my procedure above correct?
b) Are there any sequence or restrictions to set the registers?


For example, you need to leave a certain amount of time between writing TI register and the next writing?


Thank you in advance for any advise.