[SAMD51] ADC Configuration

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Could you please help me for reading ADC samples and configuring the ADC driver in Atmel start? 


1. What is the free running mode? As per Figure 45-6. ADC Timing for Free Running in 12-bit Resolution in datasheet, it will read samples continuously. When to use this? I want to read single-channel sampling /multiple channels scanning based on commands. 


2. Positive input mux selection: We have 6 channels which will read the voltage externally. We want to take samples from all channels ( one by one channel and all channels at the same time like Scanning) 

Which option we have to select for positive mux?


Also, we have referred the http://microchipdeveloper.com/at... example, light sensor is connected to AIN18. So they selected Positive input mux as AIN18. In our case we have 6 channels? 


 Negative input mux : we have selected as internal ground (for single ended) ? Is it correct ? 


Is it possible to modify the positive input mux at runtime? because we have 6 channels, we have enable one by one and take samples.


3. The sampling rate depends on below formula, 




In this, can you explain offset compensation and One Conversion with Increased Sampling Time


What is the use if I increased the sampling time length? I am aware that if offset compensation is selected then sampling time should be 0.


I am little bit confused where to use offset compensation and increasing sampling time length.




Thanks in advance.